August 2, 2015

Lily Turns Two

The day before Lily's birthday, we said goodbye to her Farrell cousins, who moved to upstate New York for the next three years.  Here are all the cousins together:

Aubrey, Katelyn, Rosemary, Owen, Nora, Lily, and Jackson

For her birthday, Lily got a big girl Minnie Mouse bed.

At her birthday party.

This little chocolate face loved Jordyn's hat.

Thank you for the birthday present!  Lily loves to take her "horsey" to bed with her.

Nothing entertains these kids as well as giant balloons.

Opening Minnie Mouse books and puzzle from Grandma Auman, and two more cute books from the other Grandma Auman.  The Elsa magnetic dolls from her aunt Karen are such a favorite that I've taken to hiding them on a higher shelf so I don't have to play Elsa dolls all day long.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated Lily's birthday with us.  We are so blessed to be parents to this sweet, sassy handful who makes our lives so much more fun.

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